Since 2008, when we left for our first journey, we create a postcard thanks to the support of loyal partners and sponsors.
The postcard, originally designed during the reinassanse as mean to send personal greetings and respects, it is for us strictly connected to the idea of keeping important memories. It is the concrete proof of your contribution towards our charity cause.

mi&ti’s postcards are available to be purchased by those who wish to support our project through a donation (minimum 5€).

How does it work? Just buy a postcard and provide us with an address.
We do allow multiple recipients, so just write down the address of all the people you wish to reach.

Before taking off to a new adventure we load up all the postcards that we are aiming to take with us while grinding the road. They follow us like loyal companions and get mailed out usually around half way through the trip, 2000 km.

We send postacards to our supporters as a tangible sign of their commitment.
We destine any revenue towards a charity association or cause, which changes every year.

Fancying becoming a sponsor/partner? Whether you represent a company or you are a private donor, it doesn’t matter, please purchase a postcard. By exceeding 500€ in your contribution your logo will be visible on the postcard and will follow us in our journey, kilometer after kilometer towards our social goal.

M.A.T.I.A Moda has been our die hard partner since 2008, sponsoring mi&ti with all printing costs.

Are you interested and wish to get in touch?
Write to