mi&ti involves a yearly commitment to create a new cycling itinerary.

The departure date is always set for the end of July since during that month we normally get 5 weeks in a row off.

Our entire holiday time is spent on the road: within the span of one month we ride for about 4500km keeping an average daily distance of 130-150km covered, being on the bike for 7-9h.

We never miss to apply an Italian flag to our bicycles but we obviously carry other essentials: we have two bags each mounted over the back wheels which contain clothing items, toiletries, a tent, a camping stove and portable cooking tools.

Over the course of time we slept anywhere we could: hotels, b&bs, hostels, in our tent, on a bench, in halls e in some lucky cases hosted by kind-hearted people who have opened their doors to us and treated us as part of their families. Anything else concerning our trips from accomodation to food is at our own pocket’s expense.

Lately we started to rely on platforms such as “Warm Showers”, which facilitate hospitality among cycling tourists on international and free basis.

We choose our form of accomodation according to the progress on the itinerary that we make by the late afternoon or evening time since it is hard to stick to the schedule in case of unforseen circumnstances. For example on our 2008 Cape North trip we had to deal with something like 21 punctured tires!

Find below the full reports of our tours, grouped by year.