Between 2008 and August 2017 we have collected and donated 34.800€ to different charity associations.

How can you become a sponsor/partner?

Every year we are lucky enough to receive donations directly from small and medium businesses, who decide to support our journeys. If you are a private subject or represent a company and feel like mi&ti stands for a good cause or simply like what we do,  we encourage you to go ahead and donate. There is no limitation as for who can join our movement, with a small donation towards one of several of our projects, you will not only provide a smile to those less fortunate, but gain direct brand exposure on our postcards, t-shirts,  cycling gear (e.g. on our bags) and all items that we will be taking with us around the world, kilometer after kilometer, pedal stroke after pedal stroke, all in the name of generosity. 

A special mention goes out to M.A.T.I.A Moda, which since 2008 has teamed up with mi&ti covering the printing cost of our postcards.

Are you interested and fancy having a chat with us?
Please, feel free to reach out!

mi&ti Onlus SPONSOR:

Maglificio MATIA, founded in1946 by miss Ines Tedeschi and her husband Benedetto Monti, who together begun crafting handmade knitwear . Today the company provides garments and knitwears to designer brands, critically acclaimed in the Prêt-à-porter environment.

– – –

BeF Italia, operates in the field of trimmings production with an artisanal approach and is a family run business. Barbero e Ferrari’s products portfolio includes : bands, cords, bracelets and ribbons among other ornamental items.

Fashion Mill, custom yarns with a close eye on innovation, from stretchable viscoses to mohair textures, from délavé cotton to metallic finishing on textile.

Filati Bemiva, producers of fantasy yarn made of premium raw material. Filati Bemiva uses strictly only eco friendly production techniques and delivers 100% Made in Italy items.

Filati Divè, produces classic woolen yarns and woolen mixed yarns , multicolored streaks and custom yarns with over 500 different type of patterns. 100% Made in Italy.

La Torretta Hotel, Paola&Nica continue what their family began in the 20’s for the third generation in a row. Their delicious cuisine, based on local produce sources the best natural ingredients from farms and fields in the area.

MAC Impianti, provides services such as design, building and assembling, set up and maintainance of industrial machines. It specialises in the field of mechanics, piping and carpentry.

Maison Dominique, used to be an old ruin and has been renovated into an exclusive 6 room,charming maison, located in the heart of  Maè at 1100m of altitude, right in the middle of the Val d’Ayas. Perfect for Slow Holiday enthusiasts, this a place where time regains its true value and the word Holiday goes back to its real meaning.

Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia, for over 160 years master craftsmen of premium yarns, 100% Made in Italy. For production capacity and breadth of supply they play a central role in the textile world from the excellence of the fashion industry down to private creative hobbies. The are a key partner for suppliers, textile designers and knitting mills.

mi&ti Onlus PARTNERS:

Le Salite del VCO, promotes both touristic and competetive cycling and is based on the work of volunteers towards the cause of Unione Italiana Lotta Distrofia Muscolare and Telethon. mi&ti are testimonials of “Le Salite del VCO”.

OTHER PARTNERS involved with mi&ti Onlus:

Caritas Italiana – Amatrice, su tutto il territorio coinvolto dal terremoto da risposte a bisogni immediati con attenzione specifica alle fasce più deboli, in particolare anziani e minori, verifica percorsi di collaborazione per venire incontro appena possibile alle necessità di strutture temporanee con finalità sociali.

CRI – Croce Rossa Italiana, plays a crucial role in the healthcare system in Italy. Their Seven Principles are: humanity, fairness, neutrality, Independence,volunteering, unity and universality.

GVV – Gruppi di Volontariato Vincenziano, volontari riuniti in diversi gruppi, che svolgono ciascuno, secondo la propria competenza territoriale, le attività di base presso le famiglie attraverso le visite domiciliari e presso i Centri Vincenziani.

Il Giardino delle Rose Blu, is a non profit organisation willing to address the issue of children and less fortunate people living in a permanent or temporary status of poverty; kids and teenagers struggling with financial problems, disabled people, women victim of abuses and immigrants.

Telethon, foundation who backs up the best researchers and research institutes. They work to provide real answers to people suffering from genetic diseases, often so rare that they are not entitled to government funds or major private research work.

UILDM – Unione Italiana Lotta alla Distrofia Muscolare, extremely active when it comes to promoting scientific research, health education and the fight to the marginalisation of people with disabilities. They support important fights such as the ones against progressive muscular dystrophy and other neuro-muscular related pathologies.